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Tooling Tech Group Appoints New CEO

Tooling Tech Group (TTG), a provider of tools and assembly equipment, has announced that Lee Childers, former TTG COO, has been named surface milling cutters company CEO. He will lead TTG’s operations providing design, tooling solutions and automation equipment to the company’s Tier 1 and OEM customers and will report directly to the board of directors.

Mr. Childers joined TTG as deep hole drilling inserts COO in early 2018, bringing 33 years of experience in developing business plans, growth strategies and leading operations for Tier 1 suppliers including United Technologies, Lear Corp., IAC Group and Crowne Group.

Anthony C. Seger, founder and former CEO of TTG, will be moving into a board role to continue advising and supporting the management team.

“With a lot of very hard work, we have built the largest tooling company in North America, and I’m very proud of all that we have accomplished,” says Mr. Seger. “My decision to step into a new role has been hard, but I feel greatly encouraged about the future of Tooling Tech Group and its leadership under Lee.”

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App Connects Tool Presetter to Machine Control

Koma Precision’s Elbo Controlli tool presetter app is available through the Okuma App Store. The app is designed to increase cutting accuracies and shop efficiency. It enables users to easily measure a tool’s radius and length and then directly send the offsets to the Okuma OSP-P control to update the local tool offset table. Physical measurements can be completed with the tool offset number and wear values. Once a valid measure is received from the presetter, the program will either allow data to be sent to the controller or will cancel the operation.

The app requires an Okuma machining center equipped with an shoulder milling cutters OSP-P300 controller, an Elbo Controlli presetter such as the Sethy Carbide Turning Inserts Six running software version 2.4 or above, and a valid network connection.

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The advantages of carbide drills

Solid carbide drills are a great option for excellent process security, manufacturing economy, and good hole quality. They provide the best combination of penetration rate and Cermet Inserts precision.The advantages of carbide drills:Linearcutting edge with high strength.Optimized drill point structure for better cutting performance.Simulation in combination with testing for superior overall performance.Double edge-line design for improved machining stability.Carbide drills provide faster cutting rates, longer tool life, better positional and dimensional accuracy, and improved surface finish. Shorter cycle times and tighter tolerances translate into maximum machine utilization, better part quality, and optimum hole-making cost savings.Related search keywords:carbide drill bits, carbide drill,tungsten carbide drill bits, carbide drill bits end mill,carbide drill Carbide Threading Inserts bits hardness,carbide drill bits metal,carbide drill bits machine,carbide router drill bits,carbide drill bits set,tungsten carbide drill bits for stainless steel, best carbide drill bits for stainless steel, carbide infused drill bits for stainless steel, carbide tipped drill bits for stainless steel, carbide tip, carbide sleeve, carbide strips,best carbide drill bits for metalcarbide drills, carbide drills speeds and feeds, carbide drills for hardened steel, carbide drills for stainless steel, carbide drills for aluminum, carbide drills for titanium, long carbide drills, long series carbide drills, carbide drills manufacturers, uncoated carbide drills The http://jimadelaid.insanejournal.com/ Blog: http://jimadelaid.insanejournal.com/

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How To Find The Right Solid Carbide Tool For Your Production

Sandvik Coromant designs each of its solid carbide tools to fulfill the demands of high quality, precision and maximum U Drill Inserts productivity so you can get the most out of your machining process. Made for solid carbide drilling, milling, HSS tapping, threading and reaming, the high-performance solid round tools range serves customers in all operations. An accurate selection and application of your solid carbide tools enables you to save money and increase your Carbide Grooving Inserts productivity long-term.  

Watch this demo for an inside look at Sandvik Coromant’s advanced solid carbide tools like CoroDrill 860-GM – designed for fast and problem-free drilling, maximizing productivity through high metal cutting efficiency. Corey Schewnke, Product Manager of Solid Round Tools at Sandvik Coromant, shares tips and tricks plus a guided tour of convenient online tools made to help you improve your operation and your bottom line. You’ll learn how Sandvik Coromant designates solid carbide tools offered within Versatile, Optimized and Customized ranges and how to easily find them. 

Learn more about the solid round tools range and CoroMill 860 -GM here.

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Managing Cutting Tool Resources Through Shopfloor Connectivity

Interconnectivity is important in establishing smart manufacturing environments in which the data shared between disparate pieces of equipment improves the speed of jobs through even simple process improvements. I learned Zoller’s philosophy while attending an open house at its U.S. center of operations in Ann Carbide Inserts Arbor, Michigan. At the event, the company invited customers into its new Industry 4.0 Technology Center to demonstrate its measuring systems and interconnected tool-storage solutions. The event included product displays and demonstrations of presetting and inspection machines as well as speeches by Zoller President Alexander Zoller and General Manager Dietmar Moll. While the speeches briefly touched on the capabilities of the measuring equipment, their main focus was on how the company’s Tool Management Solutions (TMS) Gold software facilitates data sharing across machines.

Zoller realized this interconnected approach to manufacturing by expanding on its presetting machines, which provide measurements of the length, diameter and complex cutting tool geometries. The company already had many other offerings (heat-shrinking solutions, automated inspection solutions, machines capable of complex DXF comparison and more), but it realized that the presetting machines generated data that could be useful in other applications. The presetters create “digital twins” of the tools they measure, which the company has used in secondary processes such as creating tool profiles for CAM programmers to run more accurate simulations of tool paths. In another application, the TMS software uses the digital twins to keep an accurate accounting of a shop’s tools, including their number, condition and location in the shop. Using simple inputs attached to tool-vending machines and cabinets, the shop can keep track of who has which tool, and management will have ample notice when inserts are running low.

While the company has been dedicated to metrology for decades, the development of the tool-vending and storage solutions is not a change of direction, Mr. Zoller says. “Our measuring and presetting devices were already recording most of this data for our customers,” he says. “With our vending and tool-management solutions, we are able to put this data to new use to improve our customers’ shopfloor experience.” The company simply saw that its machines were taking in useful information, and expanded its offerings to put that information to use. This is the heart of data-driven manufacturing.

Oftentimes, people hear the term “data-driven” and picture endless charts and spreadsheets filled with minute details on every metric possible to retrieve from a machine tool, but Zoller demonstrates that data-driven manufacturing is the simple act of gathering information that is truly valuable and putting it to use in your shop. Machine metrics are certainly important, but so is knowing something as simple as how many carbide end mills are in stock before placing an order for more.

By using the digital twins created by its measuring devices in other applications, the company is embracing the essence of Industry 4.0:TNMG Insert translating digital knowledge into real time savings on the shop floor. In this case, the software makes keeping track of tooling simple, and by eliminating the process of hunting down cutting tools from the workflow, the software is able to reduce the time between finishing CAM programming and starting up the machine tool to 20 minutes. Not all data in data-driven manufacturing is about the performance of the machine tool. Sometimes, the shop finds savings in improving the experience of its people.

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